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Web Scripts

These sites have tons of info on how to light some fireworks on your web pages! 

    Click on the logos:

Lissa Explains it ALL - Lissa started her web building career at the ripe age of 9! She is now 13 and her site is THE place to go for information on HTML, JAVA, CSS and all the rest of the webs' alphabet soup.


Dynamic Drive - another site that's a great resource for DHTML and tutorials. This is where I found the script for my great Site Index.


Web Moments - yet again, a place to check for scripts and more. Pssst: this is the site where I found 'my' fireworks :)


Freeware Java - it's name says it all - but there's a lot!


  Dave Griffiths - here's another site with lots of stuff to enhance your web building experience. 
i-us - is a site that has just about anything you might want to know about web graphics: industry info, program reviews, lots of free stuff and more.
Html Goodies - this is a good site for tutorials on learning HTML, JavaScript, and web building info in general.

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I know there are a gazillion other sites out there that have info on building spectacular web pages and you probably have some favorites that I haven't listed, or don't know about. If you have a favorite site, please email me and share it - I'll include it on my links page!



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