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Well, here he is - or is it a she? This is "Autumn Steps Out in Style" and has been submitted to participate in a local Fiber Arts exhibit that will be held in my city. I'll find out in November if my entries have been selected - if they are they'll be on display with other entries until February 2001. (Autumn and Happy are my entries. The theme of the show is gardening and anything that has to do with them.) Autumn is my adaptation of a pattern by Penny Mason. My husband made the base, which is pine, and I covered it with the same fabric leaves that are in his hands and embellishing his vest.


This is Happy In Clover - my adaptation of a pattern by Jane Houk.


Just looking at that sweet face makes me smile! His open mouth is created by using a styrofoam ball as a base then adding batting before covering with cloth "skin." Really clever!


A view of the back of Happy's head showing some of the honeybees collecting clover pollen in his "hair."



Elphan is a Ute Vasina pattern and another one of my favorites! He likes gardening and is having a conversation with one of the dragonflies that he's befriended.

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