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This is Barb Owen's Trinkets and Treasures Santa. His beard is crocheted using sewing thread, buttons, sequins and charms, and is a work of art! His face is painted with acrylics and Barb's excellent needle-sculpting instructions almost guarantee perfect results. 


He's carrying a lantern and staff (made from a twig that was soaked in water and twisted). This doll was going to be given as a gift but when he was finished I just couldn't part with him so I had to make another one. I'll be making more!



Milo and Rocky are Kezi Matthews patterns. Rocky is dressed as you might have seen a little boy in the early 20th Century. His knickers and shirt have buttons and real buttonholes. His stockings are made from rib knit and his high top shoes are made from leather. His face is painted with acrylics and his hair is sewn-on yarn.

Rocky's body is suede cloth, his mane and tail are yarn, his ears are felt and his eyes are buttons. He sports a ribbon bridle and reins. His rockers and saddle are made from a paisley print cotton and attached with buttons covered with ribbon flowers.



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