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Guillome Roget de LaFleur was created for a challenge on Doll Street (see Doll links page). We had to create a doll based on a character from a poem. I chose The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes - a favorite poem since I was in my teens.

Guillome is named for my own highwayman - the guy who stole my heart over 30 years ago! He is my adaptation of a doll by talented Australian designer, Kate Twohig.

He is wearing silk trousers and a watered silk doublet (jacket) with machine embroidered detailing. His boot hose, collar and cuffs are antique laces. His hat and boots are imitation leather and his hat features several  fancy feathers.


This is the Dollmaker's Angel by Kezi Matthews. She was made for a swap and is now living in Georgia, USA. She has mohair hair with tiny roses and stardust sprinkled through it. Her costume is made from sheer fabrics and an underlining of cotton woven with stars, although it's difficult to see in these pictures. Her wings are three layers of fabric "quilted" with a wire inside to allow for shaping. She holds a pair of scissors and thread in her left hand and the doll she's just completed in her right. The faces on both dolls were done with acrylics.


This is Aries Song. She was created in memory of my horse and is a broad adaptation of a commercial pattern. Her body is a suede-like material, her eyes are buttons and she has a yarn mane. She's wearing a dress embellished with ribbon embroidery.



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